Writing Process

How many leaders do you know who communicate VERY WELL?

Probably a few. But not most.

Think about any recent communication you had with a major company. Most people will say the Apple rep, or Amazon associate or the guy at the local hardware store were pretty helpful. These companies understand marketing.

But, beside these getting help or fixing a problem can be dismal. 

Chances are we remember more BAD sales conversations than good ones.

My clients want more clients! So that’s what we get them.

Let’s meet our enemy. The one that crushes our business. I call him the Anti-Matrix.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-01-at-4.08.15-PM-300x57 Writing Process




We don’t waste time on this. Instead we use my Matrix Point system and get to work.

My mission and our work together isolates the deepest needs of their business and their industry. We looking to make them the leader, right? 

Here’s how the process starts.

We imagine the puzzle before us. And there is.  With a sense of urgency we explore what the business looks like now—from the outside in. The problems are often self-apparent. We all take notes and I go to work analyzing and interviewing.

Then, I prepare a proposal—with a budget and timetable. This may include recommendations for media and a theme that addresses what we’ve learned. The clients approve the steps.

With the paperwork completed I get right to work. I send the first draft and sometimes designs and production schedules to activate the work. Each step is critical. Each step is vital to getting the client a lot of new business. Especially because my goal is to turn the work into a lifetime business relationship for you.

There are two ways most people get started:

  1. Establish a custom digital identity about you for business.  A basic-automated website, customer form and personalized email campaign from you to prospects can be completed in 48 hours. Subscribe to eDigitalPersona
  2. Contact me directly by email or phone 561 214-4866  

Now you know something you didn’t before. You know someone who wants to talk to you when you’re ready for more business.

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