Bundled Services for Your Success

Throughout this website I talk about getting fast and satisfying business growth. 

I believe this: Success leaves clues. Apply these and increase your results. I have two areas of focus within all my business: Message engagement for marketing and OKRs for everything.

Packages and retainers work for me. And, they work better for you. A sushi-style selection of media for marketing might feel right. You want what works. A sexy video may or may not be suitable for you. And, a mailing piece may be just what you need—in your business—because that is what your customers expect. 

Bundling allows me to reduce your cost. These work especially well for introductions to new clients who may have bigger and longer range goals.
Here they are:

1. Solo Entrepreneur (Core, Speedy)
Website, form, product, emails, initial list… $300 for each of three months… Need strategy coaching or email campaign assistance in the form of two half-hour monthly calls?—$400 for each of three months. Move your website and set up? Add $200  
Possible objectives: You want more students for your class. You want more people to buy your (fill in the blank).  Maybe you’re promoting a charity event or a fundraiser.

2. Professional Business Kickstarter (Deeper, Teams)
All above, plus a customized retention campaign, engagement campaign $400/mo for each of three months. Need strategy coaching or email campaign assistance in the form of two half-hour monthly calls? $500/mo for three months. Move your website and set up—Add $200. Move your website and campaign? Add $400 

Possible objectives: Younger people are ‘stealing’ your business. More experienced people are getting business you should be signing. You are a little shy or unfamiliar with how to grab the attention of an “A” lister.

3. Pitstop to Revenue Explosion (Owners)
All above plus prospect conversion system $500/mo for each of three months…Need strategy coaching or email campaign assistance in the form of two half-hour monthly calls? $600 for each of three months. Move your website and set up. Add $200  Move your website and campaign. Add $400. The add-ons are one time fees. 

Possible objectives: You’re launching a new product. Increasing visibility and sales. Moving to a shorter closing cycle. For an established business integrating digital marketing must be done correctly to maintain and support your existing reputation among clients.

* Corporate suits—ONLY.  DO YOU require something more sophisticated? [Usually not—but I have been wrong.] You are in a different world. And your requirements require some personal background and an added layer of confidentiality.  Especially if your company is paying. You also might need a more comprehensive program. We can all it the "Business/Personal/It's Complicated" coaching program. I understand.

In ANY email inquiry, please include (as best you can):

  • Your budget range.
  • Your timetable, and your target dates and outcomes
  • A marketing description of your 1) best prospects and 2) current responders.
  • And, what is not working now with your current marketing. 

All levels. Any questions—?
For fastest response, please email me here:

On a shoestring budget—or testing? I understand. Innovative people, especially, run lean. You might check out Fiverr for headlines, basic press releases, video, websites, marketing and webpage review, webpage audit. There is some tremendous talent there.

Have a bigger requirement—right now? Here is a list of fees. I have used these for assignments that included post-merger realignments, new product introductions, market tests, and video campaigns for products and services. These are professional industry standard rates. See Copywriting Process.

I reserve the right to refuse an application without explanation. I reserve the right to cancel any account for default of terms. Terms are: Prompt and direct payment and on-time attendance on our calls. Why this? I work hard for you during the term of service. You may work hard, too. It's your business after all.

Your marketing services agreement entails steps to be completed by the buyer on deadline. Our work is time sensitive. Additional to all this, look around. You will find that these introductory packages provide excellent value. That is why they are not renewable.

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