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If you are liking what you are reading—you will love this. There are clues to increase your results. You are about to read all about them. If you’re not looking for results, you can stop now.)

Packages and retainers work for me; they work for my new clients. 

Here they are:

1. Solo Entrepreneur
Website, form, product, emails, initial list… $300 for three months… Need coaching or assistance in the form of half-hour monthly call?—$400 for three months. Move your website and set up? Add $200  

Possible objectives: You want more students for your class. You want more people to buy your (fill in the blank).  Maybe you’re promoting a charity event or a fundraiser.

2. Professional Business Kickstarter
All above, plus a customized retention campaign, engagement campaign $400/mo for three months. times three months… Need coaching or assistance? $500/mo for three months. Move your website and set up—Add $200. Move your website and campaign. Add $400 

Possible objectives: Younger people are ‘stealing’ your business. More experienced people are getting business you should be signing. You are a little shy or unfamiliar with how to grab the attention of an “A” lister.

3. Pitstop to Revenue Explosion
All above plus prospect conversion system $500/mo for three months…Need coaching or assistance? $600 for each of three months. Move your website and set up. Add $200  Move your website and campaign. Add $400. The add-ons are one time fees. 

Possible objectives: You’re launching a new product. Increasing visibility and sales. Moving to a shorter closing cycle. For an established business integrating digital marketing must be done correctly to maintain and support your existing reputation among clients.

For contrast here is a list of fees. These are professional industry standard rates.

For corporate suits—ONLY.  Maybe you don’t see anything for you. Do you think you require something more sophisticated? Probably not. But we can discuss your requirements with some background.  You might need a more comprehensive program. I understand.

In your email inquiry, please include:

  • Your budget range.
  • Your timetable, and your target dates and outcomes
  • A marketing description of your 1) best prospects and 2) current responders.
  • And, what is not working now with your current marketing.For fastest response, email me here: mailto:letstalkrob@robertmbailey.com

I reserve the refuge the right to refuse any application. I reserve the right to cancel any account for default of terms.  What is this? Your marketing services agreement entails steps to be completed by the buyer on deadline. This business is time sensitive. Look around. You will find that these introductory packages provide excellent value. Therefore, packages are not renewable.

On a shoestring budget—or testing?
I understand. Check out Fiverr: Short copy, press releases, mobile landing pages, marketing audit, webpage audit. There is some tremendous talent there.

For contrast here is a list of fees. These are professional industry standard rates.