What Others Say About Rob

“…exceed every expectation…”

Robert Bailey is one of that rare breed who is equally comfortable and extraordinarily competent operating in both left-brain and right-brain modes. He regularly (and with piercing clarity) identifies the critical issues in complex situations, devises innovative solutions, articulates the strategy, maps the tactical action plan, then can technically orchestrate, and—if necessary—perform the hands-on execution to create fully operational new systems that exceed every expectation / wish-list of both service-provider and target markets.
                                                 —J. Sam Ray, Philadelphia

 “…with him on my side, we couldn’t lose…”

If I had a daunting challenge that had stumped all the default gurus, I’d call Rob – knowing for certain that, with him on my side, we couldn’t lose.
                                                    — Steve Reys, New York

“…direct and well-spoken…”

…Direct and very well spoken with just the right amount of enthusiasm.
                                               —Ty Houck, West Palm Beach

“…there’s an awareness, a ‘smart’...”

 When you’re working with him, there’s an awareness, a ‘smart’ that’s very engaging and productive… and sometimes very fun.         
                                                —Vera Gibbons, New York City

“…complex concepts… easier to comprehend…”

I am always impressed, sometimes entertained with Rob’s strong word selection and usage, of the language. He has a remarkable ability to take complex concepts and make them easier to comprehend.”—Scott Williams

“…creatively innovative, energetically enthusiastic, deeply curious…”

Just when you need it Rob is creatively innovative, energetically enthusiastic and deeply curious. This is what’s needed to innovate to working solution(s) for persuasive marketing.
                                                —Mary Koppel, St. Paul

“…always a professional…”

Never a disappointment / always a professional exemplar of the highest order. Technically, a client; in fact, a completely capable partner.   — Sam Ally