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I have not always written fiction with the intention of writing to completion. I wrote notes–about characters, scenes, overheard conversations. Some writing profs tell you to do that. Nyeh.

It seems that, like many people in business, I have always had to write. That was primarily horrible things like concepts for senior staff (to steal), corporate projections and earlier in my life, when I wrote a bit for journalistic radio and TV, that turgid and meaningless stuff.

Being in the debate and being part of larger discussions is important and very interesting to me. And, since I am much better at hearing criticism, I now welcome tough words. These propel my voice.

Basically, this is me being open to sharing parts of my imagination.

So here’s my proposal. If you like what you read, wonderful! Enjoy it. Tell me if you like. And, if you don’t like my writing please fire away your comments at me. All I ask is that you balance your dislikes and  distaste with your thoughts for making things better. Here and in your waking life, please. The world has grown hoary with complainers.

I like doers.