Grant Myrdal—Great Guy, Excellent Photographic Eye

Gorge wind photos summer of 2016 GRANT MYRDAL PHOTOGRAPHY – MEADOWS ACTION PHOTOS scroll down below this text to see the 2014/15 ski season galleries or click here: Grant Myrdal Photography is back for his 6th season at Mt. Hood Meadows. He offers professional action photography for all skiers and boarders.

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Imagine, there’s no country…

I have an overactive mind. This grabbed my attention because it seems so unusual, but a likely decision, given the opportunity and the circumstances on the planet today. And the crowds’ responses are clever. WWYD? What if an astronaut on the moon refused to go back to Earth? Answer (1 of 13): Before answering, I […]

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Creative Reuse

Grillagh Water House – Design of the World Building your dream home is a pricey business, and anywhere you can save a dollar or two is a blessing – as any thrifty type knows, it all adds up. So when architect Patrick Bradley needed to bring his Grillagh Water House design in on budget, he […]

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American Humane Assn Letter about W Va animal rescues

Dear Ambassadors: I wanted to send you an update on our West Virginia flood deployment.  Residents and animals in West Virginia have been desperately seeking help in the wake of historic flooding that ravaged parts of the state.  The local shelters are completely overwhelmed and requested our support.  We have been on the ground there […]

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How Photographs Can Help You Predict the Future

Everyone has the opportunity to be an artist today. Are you aware of what your pictures are saying? Regardless of what side of the lens you are on—photographer or subject—there’s more going on than meets the eye. Photographs don’t simply capture a memory. They document our state of mind. Consider pictures of people. Experts say […]

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Help! Bring Back Mystery!

It may be too late: We have grown blasé. Many urban Americans do not cook, but they will never starve: delivered cooked food is a cellphone call and an agonizingly long 20 minute wait away. We have far more information at our fingertips than we can ever use, but now we can store new information (to […]

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Flow and the richer life

Flow?  I first heard about the concept nearly 20 years ago from a friend. A Hungarian psych researcher had observed what he felt is a repeatable process of optimizing our life experiences. His name is now part of the lore of excellence, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Many were AMUSED to find that sex is a reference for understanding how flow works […]

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Seeing A Place Through Its People: Dede Pickering

One of my favorite photographers happens to also be a friend. A funny friend with a great husband and a complementary sense of humor that survives hurricanes, modern family feuding, and numerous inconveniences of occasional living on the road. Maybe this is how she began seeing places through people. It would be a mistake to stop here, as in […]

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Evidence of Perfection in Our Time: Steely Dan

   If Steely Dan was starting out today, would they be heard? [Your response.] Why would this be so? Cerebral lyrics and jazz crossover riffs are the stuff of an era of exploration. Oh yeah. Drugs. Questioning of authority. Exploration of lifestyles. Not for others. But for yourself. Fun and work refining enormous talent, wit, […]

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Peace and Clear Thinking

I have never heard more individuals want peace at Christmas and mean it sincerely. Hearing this, a staff favorite interview at NPR for 2014, makes this dream possible. But be prepared. Change starts with each of us. [dciframe],725,625,0,auto,border:1px solid blue;align:left;[/dciframe]

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