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DIY or We Do It for you—DO This.

Hate Google and social media and the whole speed of life all you want. If you are a marketer you must (at least) understand SEO. For your sites, your products and your online reputation.

8 SEO Copywriting Tips To Skyrocket Your Traffic in 2019

Fantastic writing tells a story. It connects with readers. We can’t deny the fact that ranking content takes time. So have you ever thought of what the problem is if you’ve already optimized your on-page SEO properly? So have you ever thought of what the problem is if you’ve already optimized your on-page SEO properly?

50 shades of (CPA) gray | Accounting Today

I have a feeling reserved for special professionals. IRS agents and CPAs. It’s a darker view spinning on my mistrust of trust about my money. So, I sat up in my desk chair quite straight reading this. It is a sobering view of our reality. And it’s by a CPA. I would urge you to read it. But you probably won’t. For the reasons Kyle states below.

50 shades of (CPA) gray

If you’re like many CPAs, you don’t use words like “maybe,” “probably,” “perhaps” or “possibly” – at least in the workplace. Those are messy words that leave too much room for ambiguity and uncertainty. Unfortunately, that messy pool of ambiguity is where the world is headed and your clients expect you to help them wade through those murky waters of uncertainty.

RMB Recos: Wicked Folders P/I

If you are using WordPress for your own or your clients’ campaigns you will want to check this out.

Just as the most time-consuming part of golf is looking for your ball—in the grass, in the forest, beside a pond…

There’s nothing more time-consuming in WordPress than hunting down the subfiles for a website. Solution found! Wicked Folders plugin—is my new best friend. EASILY creates new directories and subdirectories so you limit your scope to ONE site/domain. (Isn’t it great to be able to focus?)

I do not know if this works with all WP templates. But if it works for yours, the force is with you today!

Wicked Folders

Wicked Folders is the ultimate tool for managing large numbers of pages and custom post types. The plugin simplifies content management by allowing you to organize your content into folders. Wicked Folders is an administration plugin that does not alter your content’s permalinks or hierarchy giving you the complete freedom to organize your pages and/or custom post types any way you want independently of your site’s structure.

No, Some Random Guy Didn’t Buy a Full-Page WSJ Ad Just to Complain About Random Stuff – Adweek

So SAP made some headlines. This unorthodox approach at $250,000 was an attention getter. It is long-form copy which is usually used to sell. And more often than not a higher-ticket item or service. SAP followed up with another ad in “response.”

Did it sell? Does the buzz matter? Is the buzz a sales generator? I don’t know.

What this does do is support the notion of long form copy. It gets attention. Whether the copy worked, or whether the media exposure did the heavier promotional lifting, I cannot say. Someone knows.

I suspect that someone has job security. Or s/he was fired.

No, Some Random Guy Didn’t Buy a Full-Page WSJ Ad Just to Complain About Random Stuff

Nick Vitale of Milltown, New Jersey, has a few problems. He doesn’t like airline baggage fees, cable pricing or how ridesharing services handle tips. Also, he doesn’t exist, which is probably a minor inconvenience some days. Vitale was supposedly the author of an “open letter” placed as a full-page ad in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Extraordinarily Overlooked: Not-So-Common Sense… “How Not to Be Stupid”

Okay. I admit it. I’ve been stupid. Sad that this puts me above many people—admitting stupidity. At least I am able to address it.

Clients who want writing or business-generating forms and schemes lack this capability, sadly. Not that they are stupid people. On the contrary.

But it is better sense to admit you’ve been foolish, or that your process is tired, or that you overlooked a vital element in your decision, than to make a BIG MESSY of something important. Don’t you agree?

How Not to Be Stupid

After a four-hour conversation on The Knowledge Project ( Part 1, Part 2), Adam Robinson (@IAmAdamRobinson) and I shared another 10-minutes that shouldn’t be missed on how not to be stupid. Shane Parrish: Adam, you did a presentation once on how not to be stupid. Can you tell me about that?

Another Reason BusinessPeople Need Real Copywriters: Business procedures lack a creative process 

“…creative people are better at recognizing relationships, making associations and connections, and seeing things in an original way—seeing things that others cannot see.”

Secrets of the Creative Brain – The Atlantic – Pocket

A leading neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity shares her research on where genius comes from, whether it is dependent on high IQ-and why it is so often accompanied by mental illness.

Peace and Clear Thinking

I have never heard more individuals want peace at Christmas and mean it sincerely. Hearing this, a staff favorite interview at NPR for 2014, makes this dream possible. But be prepared. Change starts with each of us.

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Jackson Pollack, Lee Krasner, and Their Layers

We visited the Pollack-Krasner home this past August. It is a Pollack Krasner Acabonic View
slightly renovated, still barely uninsulated, 19th Century fishing house walking distance from Acabonic Harbor in East Hampton, NY. The view from the house was quite calming. The air balmy with a touch of cooling breeze.

It was bought by two married painters, Jackson and Lee, in October 1945 when the surroundings were nothing more than back country. A wooded maze of old roads by water. That was before the movie stars and the moneyed came. We were told they would arrive just after the winter thaw and stay to the early autumn breezes. Mostly, the calendar pulled them away. But there were few rules. And then there was the barn. Work. Always work.

These two knew very few constraints. They lived all at once, in layers. And that, of course, is the story. The end. Layers. Of living and hiding from life. Of paint and pain. Of selling work and alcohol. Of fame, so close you can taste it. The ambiguity to the fame, until it was mature, and different. Maybe less passionate and less well-paying.  And then there was the faith, Lee’s mostly. Seeing what WOULD become of the work. And selling it for millions, decades after the famous car crash.  One sold recently for over $54,000,000.


The Studio Today (pan shot)

The antagonist, the 26 year old other woman, Ruth Kligman, fought the rest of her life to prove she possessed a genuine Pollack given to her by the man, know as “Red, Black and Silver.” It is still a hot topic of the debate. Perhaps a bit desperate. Last year a polar bear hair yes (really) was found in the painting that matched that of a rug of Pollacks’ in the Springs house.

How it all came together and fell so widely apart is the story of legends and life. How a student of Thomas Hart Benton could paint so differently, radically and wildly… another mystery. How liquid paint, a technique Pollack learned  in 1936 at an experimental workshop in New York City by the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueros, would alter the art world.  Another layer. Another layer…

Jackson at work in the barn

Jackson at work in the barn

Pollack-Krasner lighting

Pollack-Krasner lighting

Look Down

Look Down

How Garry Winogrand and Photography
Became Special, Together

He was an influence on many. I am but one sole practitioner and fan.

Garry Winogrand captured people on film. Perhaps not at their best or most attractive. The images are withstanding the test of time. Like Weegee, Doisneau and many so-called street photographers the images of people are generally shot in black & white. That alone says a lot about the relationship.

As I see it, black and white photography maintains a respectful distance between the subject and the viewer. Color removes numerous choices and paths.

The Times has a sensitivity toward photography that many newspapers (and certainly most TV producers) do not. It shows in the grab below. The coarseness and aggression in our faces would surely surprise most of us. Once again this story raises interesting thoughts: How did he feel about not seeing these? Did he even have time to think about them, or was he focused on his illness. Did he think about his subjects then, or before very much?

The shutter-click is controversial. If the photographer accidentally clicked, is the result still art? [My belief is that it is. My brother, a painter+photographer, taught me this: “That ‘mistake’ as you call it! is the artist’s. It becomes part of the work.” Convinced me.

When Images Come to Life After Death

The photographer Garry Winogrand was known for imposing an artist’s eye on messy urban life, but when he died in 1984, after a rapidly lethal cancer, he left behind an imposing mess of uncertain artistic value: a third of a million exposed frames of film that he hadn’t edited.

For those of us who capture images with an idea or even a hope in our minds, these photographs stand as evidence. Insofar as the subjects are involved in that moment, it is they who matter most.