I am a copywriting and direct-marketing specialist with expertise in the financial services industry. My concentration is on equity finance and alternative investments—real estate, direct business investment, futures, and trade.

I have worked with many types of investors and business people. Great ones. And not so great ones.  

I have written long copy letters, but most communication today is digital. That makes it good that I started in television and radio—images and sound. Digital is more flexible and much faster. 

Underneath you will see a list of fees.

If this was a restaurant, it would be useful to you.

But, this is not a restaurant.

I get clients to THINK differently. 

What do you NEED?

And what you want to HAPPEN? Can customers be engaged better? Should marketing copy be aligned with broader objectives, and should their results be measured? How? 

A website-to-email campaign could be targeted to either a single sale OR for an ongoing relationship. Or both! [Question: Care to guess which is preferable as an investment? Right Answer: Ongoing relationships make more money.]

I find that most clients cannot properly describe their prospects. Therefore, they are stuck and removed from growing new business. There are remedies—if I know your best target. But it requires research and a little testing. I have used subscriptions, advisory and service samples.

I have used transactions such as events and webinars. Some work better than others. (See main page)

In a previous page is a listing of my packages. Adding to these requires a retainer-based contract. A deposit is made with the initial estimate. Then, you receive a full step by step outline and 90-day plan.

Even with all this—it's a good idea for you to realize how many tools are in my, or any copywriters, shed. Some services support existing business. Some introduce business extensions. Some introduce whole new concepts. Have an innovation? That requires a bit of research to save you from your wasting time and money.

I have included a select list of services with pricing. This is a reference, not a shopping list. Services are always bundled, so you get actual, targeted results.

Primary media
❑ Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Digital
❑ Print
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Digital
❑ Digital 
❑ Print
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print
❑ Print
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print/Digital
❑ Print
❑ Digital
❑ Digital
❑ Print/Digital

Copy/Design Task*

Landing page

Ads (banner and text)

Content: Article or Advertorial or How-To

Email Autoresponders (Series)

Landing page | Microsite

Long Copy Sales Letter

Opt-in forms

Thank you pages

Website content

White Paper
Special Report

Video Sales Letter

Blog Post (depending on length)


Case Study
Copy critique

Direct-mail package — mail order
Direct-mail package, lead generation
Email, long copy

Email, short copy

Fundraising/Sales Letter
Marketing Strategy and Planning**



Client Fee


$500 - $2500




$3,000 - $5,000




















* Most media and formats can be integrated, cross-referenced, or linked to other copy, including text messages, forms for next steps and special "one-time" events. These are draws. Today, many businesses have an informative 'whitepaper.'  Could that help you? We'll have to see.

** A new product or service launch, or relaunch, would entail a comprehensive product or company campaign. Please contact me directly to discuss your objective, target market, timetable and budget for that project.

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