About Me

I’ve been telling stories since I could speak, like many people. But writing them down, and sharing my photography (I cannot remember EVER called it picture-taking) and collages is a whole other experience. All three media are included here.

Like many kids, my first camera belonged to my parents. They had bought a Zeiss viewfinder in Germany just after the war. Ned was stationed in Darmstadt, Anne came to visit. A camera was just one of those things young GIs bought in Europe. 

Pictures were taken, mostly black and white. Events mostly, like ice skating, cocktails, a birthday party or two. As siblings arrived the camera spent more time hanging in the closet than seeing and capturing images. The adjustment of the aperture and the timing were baffling, at first. Depth of field –one recognized–was like a revelation from heaven. That’s how we really see! I thought. In any case, my parents pitied this lonesome soul. The camera became mine. 

At boarding school in chilly Connecticut, I borrowed the better cameras of trust fund classmates, still snapping as I could. I spent hours in the darkroom, late at night usually, swirling film, drying, placing, focusing, dodging, filtering… drying. People asked me to take their yearbook pictures. My sister Lisa posed for me at home in Newport on occasion. [One of those photos is here.] Other boarding school activities captured were too, er private, to share with the world. But with friends–sure. Nothing daemonic, just a tad artistic. 

It was college that provided one of the best tips any aspiring photographer can receive. I asked a photography professor at CW Post, ‘How can I become a better photographer?’ She replied: ‘Listen to great music.’ 

Between business calls and the serious stuff of life, the urges on my brother Chris–a trained professional painter and photographer–to press limitations… I still listen to great music. And I shoot. Now in warmer West Palm Beach and in travels. 

Here at FAA are collections from the past, and occasional updating with current work. 

I hope you enjoy what you see. 

robert bailey