I launched Robert M Bailey Copywriting for a simple reason. I want to address the many revenue gaps I see in so many businesses. Some companies need capital but all companies need clear communication that adds revenue. I help clients with lead generation, response systems, client letters and emails. Some clients like longer campaigns. I can do that with them. I have worked across all media for 25 years and seen what works and what costs money and won’t.
TrustedAdvisory provides clients with strategic private equity and tactical planning. We also execute plans for client funding. My expertise is communicating the marketing and financial needs. After all this is what counts most. Today clients are in medtech and real estate. The eDigitalPersona writing subsidiary is a new service under the copywriting group.
This was a lead generation system for private advisors. It has evolved into turnkey services for financial teams, brokers, and crypto-coin industry.
I am an investment trend follower, writer, advisor, author, and speaker. Others say I am an “out of the box thinker” that I am organizedand reliable. (Their words, not mine.) I was Managing Director of the Investment Management Institute for 12 years. There I advised financial institutional investment professionals. Some of that was enjoyable.
“The Plan: The Machine That Runs The World” is a suspense novel based on true stories from my observations. I wrote the book for for family offices and private individuals. It is an underground success with family office managers.
I worked in commercial real estate at GVA/Williams in New York City. My own accounts placed clients in such buildings as the renowned Seagram Building. I worked on corporate accounts as well. I was recently re-listed in Who’s Who. I have a BS from Guilford College. I earned an MA in Journalism from American University. And I added a Certificate in Finance from the Wharton School.
One of my greatest joys is having know and worked with dozens of notable Americans. Many of those are in media—like, Larry King, Charlie Rose and Ben Wattenberg. Others were speakers at my NYC group, The Breakfast Club. Roy Cohn, Rudy Giulliani, Mario Gabelli, Martin Puris, and Jim Fowler (Yes—that one! Animal Kingdom!) were speakers I brought in.

Today my girlfriend of 18 years is now my wife of one year! (Due diligence) We live in West Palm Beach, Florida and attend a wonderful church—should you visit—Family Church Downtown.
I am still young. But I like to share. Let me share this simple advice for happiness (and new clients): Keep humble. Be grateful.