How Copywriting Has Changed Since the Mad Men Days | Scripted

In many cities there’s a joke. The copy pulls a woman over. She rolls down her window and hands him her driver’s license. “What’s that?” he says. “I need to see your real estate license.” Today this applies to copywriting. Everybody does it—or so it seems. They do it from home. Most real copywriters DO. There is a big difference though.

It is easy to say you write copy. But do you really know what works? The same metrics that challenge traditional copywriting strategies can energize marketing. Know which is which—for that you need a relationship marketer with concise knowledge of mobile communication.

How Copywriting Has Changed Since the Mad Men Days

While Mad Men ended almost two years ago, the lessons we learned from Don Draper in advertising, copywriting and life still resound deeply with those in the marketing industry. The show reignited an interest in content marketing while also providing a historical backdrop against which to compare the current state of copywriting.