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I remember a joke. I was living in New York. It was the late 80s. Here it is: A cop pulls a woman over and walks up to the driver’s side of her vehicle. She rolls down the window and holds up her driver’s license. “What’s that”?” he says. “I need to see your real estate license.”

Copywriting is the new real estate. You can make money from home doing what you learned in third grade! Except for one small problem.

Digital apps have made copywriting accessible to many. They have also changed the nature of the audience. Copywriters and their clients are struggling. While they focus on grabbing prospects’ eyeballs prospects are drifting to substance. Even in the Amazon age, quality still wins over quantity. The paydirt of marketing is developing a relationship through personalized digital marketing. And that’s not something any third-grader knows.

Here’s a good piece about that change. (Hint: This only scratches the surface.)

Copywriting is dead? Don’t tell the journalists

Content marketing has brought new talent into the advertising industry, but these are different beasts to the traditional copywriter

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