Copywriting is persuasive writing for commercial and non-profit business. 

Persuasive writing is all around us. As an industry it is estimated as a $140 billion dollar a year industry. In almost every case the stories told in copywriting seek a specific response. Copywriting includes subscription sales letters, followup email campaigns, informational website content, crypto-currency white papers, e newsletters, webinar design, case studies, video scripts, speeches, blog posts, even website audits.  These are all direct response media.

They are measurable for their effectiveness. They can be adjusted for improved results. They work as hard as our business does. They provide a predictable return on the investment.

I have created a credibility product called It specializes in competitive financial and property broker markets. I discovered that many of my private equity clients were invisible or hidden from their key prospects. I found that this service would help them. As an inbound-outbound tool it is like a dating machine. Introducing the parties. Allowing them to mingle and converse. Then—we’ll see—and maybe yes.

With this service we are able to establish a secure but transparent professional reference for gaining the necessary trust for doing big business.

My own experience in writing is broad and takes in several decades. I recently completed a film script. I have one novel. I have written nearly one hundred business plans. I write articles. I am a public speaker. I can tell a good joke very well. I love music. I am a film fan. I am involved in a church that I love. I tell you this to make a point—good copy grabs the reader.   

This, my copywriting site, highlights my process for helping clients. All clients are involved in deep sharing about their business, a lot about themselves, and a thorough analysis of their opportunities.

Most important for each of us to understand: Professional copywriting is a serious business that gets real results.