Rediscover peace. Hold it and grow 
by always knowing your objective.

How To Implement
Personal Power


Throughout my career in marketing and finance I've seen the toll on families of the push-pull of business. Unnecessarily high anxiety and stressful drama. In a few cases, it led to bitter outcomes where both sides were just worn down.  

As trust evaporates, people can harden. You feel like you've lost your focus.

But did you really ever have a focus?

As I worked with Martin my frustration peaked. All my own experiences came back to me. I had worked hard to change how my businesses worked—and they worked better because of those. 

I heard the change in Martin's voice. He was relieved and invigorated. He has lost his desperation and begun to view different opportunities. And all he did was rearrange his existing skills! 

That's when I started imagining what became 
OKR-based Coaching+ for individuals. OKRs are used by super-successful companies today to make billions of dollars. Imagine what well-crafted Objectives guided by Key Results will do for you!

Objectives and Key Results are Measurable

OKRs are Action-Oriented

Jeff said:

“When it comes to coaching, Robert Bailey is a reconstructive surgeon who helps you restore and improve the form and function of your business.

He provides insight so you can see the true problem(s) in a new light to excise things you no longer need. Plus he shares clear solutions with practical strategies. Then motivates you to apply these strategic solutions to help you reach your top goals. His coaching helped me to rescue my business from overspending time with the wrong prospects and charging appropriate fees for value of services delivered to clients. 

I’m confident Robert can help you and your business too!”  

Jeff Traister,
President, Traister Creative LLC

OKRs Give Focus

With guided questions in OKR-based Coaching+ for individuals we'll evoke your "gems." The things you care most about. Our conversations and followup work will be very organized. Very targeted. We are going to be moving quickly and directly into achieving your specific goals.

We will be discussing how you work and how people see you. We'll identify your strengths—your goals and how to strengthen them. We will be discussing how to positively influence your colleagues and prospects and how to shape your message for any situation!

OKRs S-T-R-E-T-C-H Capabilities

Personal OKRs Coaching is

About you and it is about 
How others see you 
How they can work with you
It's about setting you up 4 win-win.

Think about what achieving real results does for you—triple that!

  1. Your obvious success is clear and magnetic 
  2. Your obvious success demonstrates proven value
  3. Your obvious success connects to OTHERS' needs
  4. Your obvious success makes a simple promise
  5. A fortified you is confident and verifiable! 
  6. Your ability to *deliver* is your single best advantage in any situation
  7. You are distinguished 
  8. Demonstrating credibility attracts MORE good 

    What is your missing desire?

More customers?

Strong and happy family?
Better worklife?
EVERYONE faces new hurdles every day. Digitalization is a blessing and a curse!  Which do you choose? People can be challenging—they can be intolerable or they can be wonderful. Which do you choose?
With your own objectives clear you will always be prepared.

OKRs Keep Track

My coaching goes a step further. It adds immediate action. With your customer engagement plan you unlock reliable long term sales. Your personal strengths become the bridge to your customer's confidence in you and your ability to deliver.

Clear, simple, deliberate results.
OKR Coaching! Then online refinements.

The ONLY personalized, fully coached, step-by-step guide based on the book
that GUARANTEES a complete personal strategic process: OKRs as a personal tool leads directly to results you want and need. Or your money back.

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Full Disclosure: How OKRs
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with real results

As a certified business coach, I have witnessed lasting changes. They are personal.

The excitement from my coaching clients was evident even obvious. And years later, they told me and others about the wonderful benefits of the changes they made.

How they view themselves, now changed for the better. 

How their view toward their work was energized. 

Each of my clients moved to richer, happier, more fulfilling work.
Doesn't take a lot of time... just a few simple decisions!

OKRs energize ​
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This is not a pay-to-play program. Enrollment to apply (only).

You will not be charged before the interview. You will not pay anything if not accepted. 

Consider this—Or WAIT.
But IF YOU WAIT for the right moment the time will still pass and you won't be any better off.

This program pulls 'you' together... at your very best... to connect you with your BEST. 

Imagine seeing even small effort produce solid results and deep personal satisfaction on a regular basis!

Imagine. You!
A Master Decisionmaker

Clients About OKR Coaching

“...always a professional.”

Rob is never a disappointment and is always a professional exemplar of the highest order. Technically, a client. In fact, a completely capable partner.

      Sam Ally

                                                 Orlando & Chicago

“...exceed every expectation.”

Robert Bailey is one of that rare breed who is equally comfortable and extraordinarily competent operating in both left-brain and right-brain modes. He regularly (and with piercing clarity) identifies the critical issues in complex situations, devises innovative solutions, articulates the strategy, maps the tactical action plan, then can technically orchestrate, and—if necessary—perform the hands-on execution to create fully operational new systems that exceed every expectation / wish-list of both service-provider and target markets.

J Sam Ray


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