Launch and fund your business.  
Ask correctly and funders will
tell you what they need. Expose scams quickly,
don't waste anyones time and  
identify knowledgeable partners who don't dither.

This coaching secures productivity in partnerships

CashFlow Without Compromise 

Stop 'Innovator' Abuse!

I started this new program to end innovator abuse. What is innovator abuse? 

It goes on every day.

Individual innovators, mostly small business people who put up their life savings, lose it all. Tens-of-thousands and hundreds-of- thousands of dollars in fees grabbed by fraudsters promising funds. It's worse when there is a lot of money around—like now. 

Phony investors who promise investment millions in return for fees disappear. But not until they have gathered all your business information.

These scoundrels are very rarely prosecuted. They steal time, money, probably contacts and ideas. It's cutthroat. Some are downright vicious.

It will not surprise me to get threats and a few cease and desist orders. These leeches want to keep their scams going! Like cockroaches, they scurry from light.  [We have a simple, confidential form to report yours. We are tracking reports of fraud in financing for future prosecution. By request.] 

Do not underestimate any of this. And for goodness sake, don't give up!  

I know of several victims of funding fraud who are very successful business people. One is a major household name. Seminar leaders in real estate and self-improvement have gotten scammed.  

Anyone can be hurt by these people. And they have been. I may not be the only one talking about this. But I am the only person offering you a solution.

Every business owner has a time of crisis. They might need hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in funding to save or grow a legitimate business. The funding might be short term or long term. And a spate of  banking rules have made borrowing expensive and time consuming. These innovators may reach a moment where funds are tighter than they can accept.

Maybe they panic a little. Maybe they are overcommitted. They may be ambitious, or they may be speculating ahead of proven growth. Some are drivers of genuine economic growth.  

Knowledgeable "insider" scams and big promises, some from legitimate sounding firms, sound okay. They may even have validated credentials attached to their firm.

But when your money clears their bank—they disavow you and disappear.  

They took your money. Worse—they took your time. And your ideas are now "out there" where they could be shared, adapted—who knows? No one cares like you do. That is innovator abuse.

Anyone with a gift or skill in the marketplace who has an idea or a process is at risk. But we have to rise above to get what we want...

CashFlow Without Compromise is a bridge between need and success. Your enthusiasm for your idea can be shared without giving it all away. I'll show you how. And, funding your business can be structured as a win-win without sacrificing your vision or your control.

This is my proposal to you: To show you how to succeed by growing better.

Let's launch and fund your business… This is a Free trial that introduces my Mastermind group and 'one-on-one strategic finance' just for principal owners and select leaders.

We will cover:

personal strengths

deciphering decision making scenarios

proposal planning and change-making

the proper emotional and rational elements inside a proposal

60 day path to funding

goal setting for quick results and a great life


Presenting is personality business. It is a combination of skill, self-expression and awareness. I use proven tools and exercises that give you valuable insights to propel your vision.

One on Ones
This program will address personal and experiential gaps and move you forward into success quickly. 

MasterMind Group

Our biggest enemy—Noise! Fraudsters use distractions and pledges that are not always obvious. You will learn how to spot real, even multiple, opportunities and sift out the fakes not risking even one thin dime. 

In the confidential MasterMind calls you will share insight with your peers, tops in their field.

Objectives and Results Must Be Measurable

Your Actions Must Hit Your Targets

Jeff said:

“When it comes to coaching, Robert Bailey is a reconstructive surgeon who helps you restore and improve the form and function of your business.

He provides insight so you can see the true problem(s) in a new light to excise things you no longer need. Plus he shares clear solutions with practical strategies. Then motivates you to apply these strategic solutions to help you reach your top goals. His coaching helped me to rescue my business from overspending time with the wrong prospects and charging appropriate fees for value of services delivered to clients. 

I’m confident Robert can help you and your business too!”  

Jeff Traister,
President, Traister Creative LLC

Each Decision Must Move You
Closer to Your BIG End Goal

Let me ask you something.

What questions do you use now in talking about money and success? Do these lift you up? Are your conversations business positive?" 

The tools you will be using quickly and directly give you the steps to achieve the right language and posture for your specific goals.

We will be discussing how you work and how people see you. We'll identify your strengths—your goals and how to strengthen them. We will be discussing how to positively influence your colleagues and prospects and how to shape your message for any situation!

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Capabilities Daily 

CashFlow Without Compromise is
About You and
How others see You
It engages others in why and 
How they can work with You

It sets up quadruple wins or better.

What does achieving such results do?

  1. Your obvious success is clear and magnetic to others
  2. Your obvious success demonstrates proven value to you and partners
  3. Your obvious success connects to OTHERS' needs
  4. Your obvious success makes a simple promise
  5. A fortified you is confident and verifiable! You sleep better than ever.
  6. Your ability to *deliver* is your single best advantage in any situation
  7. You are distinguished. Rooms light up when you enter from your energy. 
  8. Demonstrating credibility attracts MORE good — for you and your life needs. Yes. We'll be rethinking those too.

             Where have you been falling short?

More customers?

Strong and happy family?
Better worklife?
Spiritual clarity?
Happier personal life?
EVERYONE faces challenges every day. 
They can be either hurdles, or opportunities.

Digitalization of work is a blessing and a curse!  Which do you choose?
People can be intolerable or wonderful. Which do you choose? 

What will be different
With your own clear objectives you will always be prepared.
You will be ready to engage partners, negotiate funding, bond with customers
you want so the business WORKs like a well oiled machine!

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Keeping Track of Key Results
Saves Time and Money
Builds Leadership Capacity

You are going to go a step further. With immediate action your customer engagement moves to a long term relationship—repeat business and referrals, joint ventures, cross-collaboration. Whatever is possible in your industry. Your personal strengths become the "magic" of your customer's confidence in you and your ability to deliver.

That is why we begin with you.

Clear, simple, deliberate results.
Sounds great doesn't it?

The ONLY personalized, fully coached, step-by-step guide based on the book
that GUARANTEES a complete personal strategic process: OKRs as a personal tool leads directly to results you want and need. Or your money back.

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BONUS: For only the cost of S&H
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A signed copy of "The Plan" (by mail)
A personality inventory

Private weekly coaching

with powerful work-study reading

Full Disclosure: How OKRs
Align Your Deepest Needs

with real results

As a certified business coach, I have witnessed lasting changes. They are personal. In investment banking I have seen good ideas crashed by their presenters. Don't allow this to happen!

The first clients to commit to this program saw obvious changes. Even years later, they told me and others about the wonderful benefits in the changes they made. 

How they view themselves changed for the better. 

Their view toward problems was energized and vital  

Clients moved to richer, happier, more fulfilling work and personal lives
Best of all—This doesn't take a lot of time... just a few simple decisions!

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Due to the personalized attention throughout this program, space is limited. 
Register so you can be high up on the list for consideration for the full program.

There is a nominal $1 charge for the Free In-Depth Trial Program, refundable with your application.

Consider this—Or WAIT.
But IF YOU WAIT for the right moment the time will still pass and you won't be any better off.

This program pulls 'you' together... at your very best... to connect you with your BEST. 

Imagine seeing even small effort produce solid results and deep personal satisfaction on a regular basis!

Imagine. You!
A Master Decisionmaker

“...always a professional.”

Rob is never a disappointment and is always a professional exemplar of the highest order. Technically, a client. In fact, a completely capable partner.

Sam Ally, Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL

“...exceed every expectation.”

Robert Bailey is one of that rare breed who is equally comfortable and extraordinarily competent operating in both left-brain and right-brain modes. He regularly (and with piercing clarity) identifies the critical issues in complex situations, devises innovative solutions, articulates the strategy, maps the tactical action plan, then can technically orchestrate, and—if necessary—perform the hands-on execution to create fully operational new systems that exceed every expectation on your wish-list.

Sam Ray, Philadelphia

Clients About OKR Coaching

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I am a real person

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