Thank you for your interest in my professional copywriting and for visiting I’d like to show you how we will improve your company’s sales. Step one is to focus on a specific challenge, problem, or business objective.

What can we do to make qualified individuals immediately connect with you?

Let’s recap your purpose first.

You’re seeking a proven professional writer. Your goals may require web content, e-mails, and design letters and campaigns that sell. So, understandably, you want to be sure you have the right person for the job.

You don’t want to risk money. You don’t want to waste time, or be aggravated.

My point of view? I agree with these.

My goal is to plan for a return on your investment. One trade magazine B2B analyzes direct marketing campaigns. They have found professional sales material returns 7 to 36 TIMES the client investment.

I want that for me. I want that for you.  But specifically: Your diligence here will be reflected in the copy you see from me.

If we were sitting together in your office you’d have some questions for me. Let me answer a few of those questions now.

First of all—what do I do?

I am a persuasive copywriter and direct marketer. Copywriting is persuasive writing for a commercial or non-profit business that encourages a specific and prompt response or action. Direct marketing is the structure for handling responses, feedback, and sales. All my work is custom-created.

My concentration is B2B finance—specifically investment strategies, fintech, alternative investments and recently crypto-currencies. But, I’ve written about many non-financial client businesses, too—pretty much from A to Z.

Persuasive and direct response copywriting is all around us—from internet sites to email to catchy envelopes in your mailbox. The main outlet for these devices is direct marketing, a $325 billion dollar a year industry in the United States alone.

This involves a lot of players and strategies. No matter what size your business is—we will identify ways to reach out and connect and move your most likely prospects.

I can say this because my copywriting toolbox is expansive (rather than expensive). It holds subscription and sales letters, print and email follow-ups, email campaigns, informational content for websites, B2B white papers on technical benefits, e-newsletters, live webinar design, success-case studies, video scripts, speeches, blog posts, even website audits to be sure you’re getting what you already pay for.

What action should your prospect take seeing our material? That is how important is the writing.

Our effectiveness in this is measurable. Messages can be adjusted and the results improved, especially with digital media. A projectable, even a predictable return on the investment is possible as we work on increasing the number and quality of your repsonses.

Undertand this—I am in business, too. In addition to the writing we’re discussing, I recently released a personal-professional-credibility product called This smart-phone based inbound marketing tool builds personal and professional bonds with prospects in any market. I am also a partner in other online business-to-business products as well. 

What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

I have written newsletters and long-form letters. I have designed and drafted conference plans and notes from concept to sales closing and follow-up. As a journalist, I wrote television and radio news copy and articles for print. I have written business letters my whole career on corporate and smaller business to both powerful executives and owners, and everyday people. 

I am a believer in always polishing skills, at any age or experience level. American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) is my primary source and the Professional Writers’ Alliance my primary copywriter affiliation. Marketing and copywriting techniques and tools are always changing.  I have found that the stronger my business relationships the better and more powerful is my writing.

My copywriting overlaps my strategic investment advisory. Here copywriting skills provide my clients added value to the business, financial, strategic and process plans I develop. But copywriting is my “secret weapon” on my clients’ behalf. I become their competitive and strategic advantage. In all my decision-making and business leader-client relationships our successes depend on great writing. 

Do you have a website content, email marketing, and social media background?

I worked at a major advertising agency in New York City on large client business. My efforts included refining messages to increase sales for those global clients. Where it was most successful, traditional advertising had leaned on strong persuasive writing found in direct marketing.

I chose another value-adding step.

I attended the Wharton School’s Finance program at the Arresty School. This is a sort of crash course in high-level planning for CFOs (and in my case, curious marketers.)

Do you have experience in my field?

I’ve written blog content based on live interviews with institutional money managers.  In New York City, I developed and edited several newsletter and websites, as well as the accompanying letters and collateral materials.

My book, The Plan—The Machine That Runs the World (Amazon) is a suspense novella about a violent clash between wealthy New York City families. Based on interviews and research into the workings of family offices, foundations and high net worth families it is an instructive guide to modern investing.  [Spoiler: In the book, my main character, Michael Fitzhugh, does not save the day.]  

Finance and money management will always present new opportunities for helping clients. My job is to help you identify and express those to begin the sales conversation.

To get and keep that conversation, clients have required many skills. Among those: Email campaign writing, website content development, long-form sales letter writing, site audits. Even whole marketing campaign audits.

Recently a few client have become interested in developing crypto-currencies. Most oftyen this is part of their business plan—primarily for information storage and use using blockchain. This fast-moving area includes technical writing. It has included drafting initial coin offering (ICO) whitepapers and refining strategy/objectives. I usually recommend prospecting brochures and websites for the campaigns. Inside meetings with financial innovators gives me a fresh perspective on how my clients are thinking and (re)acting. My feedback is always expected to improve our copy strategies. Recently I have added several clients in the SaaS space (software as a service) the boldest coming out of Kolkata, India.

Several successful and talented personal contacts act as my advisors and resources. I track financial and transactional trends (marketing and finance) daily. This way I can understand the context of a need and motivate prospects to take action in my copy.

What kinds of assignments do you handle?

I have solid experience with leaders and leadership. That sort of relationship permits access to the business leader’s growth demands as part of handling any kind of writing assignment you can throw at me—with ease—from discovery to final application and followup.

My work—what I excel at—consists of developing sales letters (online and print/mailed), email support as a campaign, response-driving websites and multi-websites, magnetic social media campaigns, periodic email newsletters, interactive blog posting, optimization of existing web pages and sales programs, responsive print advertisements, video scripts, and video sales letters.

My experience in business, finance, PR, and marketing ensures that I’ll be able to understand your business. That will engage us in the development of persuasive copy development and/or solid B2B marketing. In that process best ways to integrate the writing are often refined.

Tell me your desired outcome and your budget. We will discuss those needs, goals, and deadlines for your project.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes! I’m more than a copywriter. I’m an idea person. I keep current on domestic and global economic and business topics. With my background in consulting I can be a valuable resource for you. After all marketing and sales decisions are part of copy decisions.

Your fee schedule lists a price for a “copy critique” and “web critique” What are those?

A copy critique is an in-depth look at your copy. I will make suggestions for lead or money-generating improvements. This applies to a website, a sales letter, a brochure, a landing page, and online or print marketing. I examine your headlines with the “4U” system for writing effective headlines.

I analyze the ideas communicated in your copy for clarity and persuasiveness. Your calls to action are vital. (And if they aren’t there they will be after I’m through!) And they’ll be compelling.

I have a keen eye for grammar, tone, and style. No misspelled word or misplaced comma gets by me. This is why I was a go-to copyeditor throughout my career. I find ways to make copy stronger and clearer. To get your (well-defined) selling message across to your (best target) audience—that is our goal.

Have you worked with digital media?

Digital communications impact all my clients in some way. I draw from experience in television, radio, on-air, on-camera, production, writing and promotions. Today, media has evolved. Interactive email, video, interactive recorded webinars are important. They should be part of your consideration. You are likely to find huge advantages. These advantages could apply to your persuasive copy and to your business.

Who are your clients…and what do they say about your copy and counsel?

I have included a partial list of past clients in this information packet. You will also notice client testimonials.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

Development and copy-writing time has several variables. What is the type and scope of the project? Is the client providing full and accurate responses on a timely basis? To write I need to know about you and your goals—in depth. We will discuss many areas and I may need to drill down as we progress—so your copy works.

Larger projects, such as websites and case studies, are going to take more time. These have elaborate requirements. You have no doubt heard how easy is it to place a website today. That is true. But, you are unlikely to like a site that doesn’t achieve your goals. Sites involve research, interviews, writing, automation schematics, and editing. Shorter projects such as short copy emails and blog posts will have a quicker turnaround. We can discuss a deadline that works for you when we talk.

What happens if we want you to revise the copy?

I offer two copy revisions on every project. The changes must be inside the scope of the original project. I will be happy to review your comments and edits. To make it easier for both of us, I use Google Docs/Drive so I can see your changes. It’s a handy tool that I now use on most client projects.

About deadlines. Deadlines are only relevant when clients honor our agreements. That includes the agreed payment schedule. If a client causes a delay, I reserve certain rights. Among those: To reschedule due-dates, cancel the agreement, or renegotiate the entire agreement. I assume we are all adult businesspeople: There are no refunds in this business relationship.

What is it like to work with you?

You’ll find that working with me is easy. My client communications are proactive. I will inform you of the status of any project I’m working on, particularly as we get close to a deadline. I answer client emails within 24 hours.

There are best practices in any service business. I have seen many, as a journalist, as a broker, and as a writer. Each one demonstrated the value of maintaining high standards. That is how I work with my clients—as reciprocating professionals.

I have a lot/very little experience working with a professional copywriter…

I have a proven process. There is a full description of it on this site. And we will dicuss the process and your objectives in detail. I make myself available with few limitations, and with the expectation that my client is a professional seeking the best path to her results. But: Ego has little place in copywriting. This is work. And, it requires open and regular communication to make it effective—so it has the chance to achieve your goals.

If this runs counter to your world-view, no problem.  I would be happy to provide you with the names of other very good copywriters. 

How do I hire you?

The quickest way to get in touch with me is to call 561 214-4866. We’ll discuss your project(s), goals, and business. If you’d prefer to shoot me an email, you can reach me at rob@robertmbailey.comand I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

I look forward to talking with you. I would be happy to know about your company. And I will be happy to help you meet your revenue goals this year with compelling copy!


Robert Bailey

P.S. Time flies. Please—Contact me today to discuss your objectives and desires, and how I can help you. I am in constant demand.

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