The Radio Manifesto

What’s the Point! Podcast

People seem to like the brashness of What’s the Point! I do.

And I am grateful when I see someone recognize my intention in using it, especially here in Palm Beach. 

The most interesting part of America is her innovation. It is the secret of our history and our government and our people. If we are attacked—inside or outside—it is by people who are incurious, non-creative and as Ayn Rand said “Takers.”

Innovators are producers. This weaves into but it not exclusive to capitalism. Surely the Finns behind Nokia and the Swedes behind Saab as innovators. Any one who has traveled through Europe knows the French croissant innovation and Italian Valpolicella innovations are in the league of the Tesla S but tastier.

In the years living here we have seen a lot of changes. Those changes are making this area more important. (Palm Beach County is the size and pop of our former home state, Rhode Island). That importance has already attracted notable innovators in finance and manufacturing, even in agriculture.

But this won’t be another interview. I want to know about the person behind the story. Do they care about future generations? Do they are about the community, a non-profit? Are they all about making more money—or is there some depth they’ll share with us?

No? Then, you Klingon, what makes you tick?

I am blessed to have known some fascinating people. I worked with some of them. I learned about interviews and finance and film from some of the best. My desire is to share that and also to share what I have learned about the number one trick for businesspeople—keeping the money you have earned.

The ‘casts will be bitsize at under 20 minutes. And if you choose to you can listen to the entire interview at about an hour, or read the transcripts. There will sometimes be groundbreaking interviews. Why shouldn’t I invite you?

Bandwaving to you—