Background: Why Radio? And why “What’s the Point!”
Every business owner faces moments of crisis. We’re going to find out how they handled it…

Business is about how we identify and slay business dragons. It’s a big part of
the business. But imagine a positive resource you can listen to about remedies for your challenges. Well, here we are. 

I wrote the book on business dragons!  What are they? Who feeds them? And when can you turn them into allies?

Well that, in large part, is why I have resurrected my radio show. In Newport and then on internet radio, my guests solved real business problems LIVE. And now we’re doing it again! It’s time. [Do you like the name? I do.]

Business dragons are problems and people that drain money and energy and money from you and your business. They are costs. Many of them add little or no value until you face them.

Most dragons are based on faulty assumptions. They manifest as poor management, rising costs, and time out of control.  Some problems hide, are ignored or overlooked, or worse, get forgotten, like black snakes in the woodpile ready to startle you one fine day. They can kill you. They can kill your business.

The podcast will explore the business personality of Palm Beach. You will see why wealth does not separate you from this place. The people behind these interviews may be successful, but you’re going to realize they put on their trousers one leg at a time. Just like you.

This is the Background
My first book is called The Plan. You will see many of your strengths in it. But it will also introduce you to how business people are (allowing themselves) to be hurt financially. Reading this has led thousands to powerful ways of eliminating unnecessary costs and reapplying the savings to tax-free income. You see how better why we talk so much about discernment as the source of better business and family choices.

The focus of The Cutting Edge is candid interviews about change in South Florida. My hope is to inform and amuse you with ideas that enlighten you and actions you might take.

By the way, I didn’t intend to write a book. Or host a radio show. There are a bunch of things I didn’t set out to achieve—but I have.

One of those was the chats I hosted or co-hosted on Clubhouse. One room was called “The Gold Mine: Ideas to Innovation.” The conversations were fun, but they were disconnected. It was a bit of a smorgasbord. Fun. Bu time consuming as a steady diet.

I was at a meeting of institutional money professionals at a fancy hotel in Vermont. It was during lunch that I was exposed to the scariest secret I know. Woodpile full of snakes, indeed. You will hear that story and others in the book.

My Day Job
Today, my business partners and I reveal ways to convert taxes into assets. These assets come with repeat expenses, the elimination of excess taxes and excess contracts, employee attraction and retention steps, and company valuation analysis. This is great for those who plan to sell a company in the next few years. It is also extremely useful to founders adding new businesses and entrepreneurs managing niche business roll-ups.

When Employers and Employees Benefit
High expenses, hidden taxes, and almost-okay (boring and weak) retirement plans are some of the areas people feel are okay. I hope they are. But if we identify, review, and make suggestions that improve what you have you will have more money (and time) to invest in your business and your LIFE.

Rethinking structure converts liabilities into present value. Understanding the whole matter is why I wrote the book. Read the book, The Plan.

Tip: How & Why BOLDER results help you—and when to recognize them

          1. Get Clarity. Knowing that you have investigated alternatives will put you at ease. Use them, or not. That’s your decision. 
          2. Your courage in going beyond demonstrates value. You value to the enterprise and to your partners. It usually reassures investors, clients, and major vendors! The interesting discovery will be this. You will actually find value. Management tends to stimulate profits through productive people. Doesn’t it? That is where the value is sustained—good people. So you cannot lose with our assessment.
          3. Inquiry stimulates. Current professionals and staff cannot miss that you are working smarter. We work with CPAs and CFOs who really like what we do. Tax policy and tax applications change more often today than ever before—state and federal. If this is a concern for you we have a lot to discuss.  
          4. Your business and our joint analytical process can overlap easily to create repeatable and verifiable safety nets and added assets. This is well beyond what most others do. And ours includes analysis, documentation, and informational meetings. Whatever you need. I cover this interestingly in The Plan.
          5. Be Fortified. Our other clients report new confidence with such verifiably positive decisions! Some say they’ve never slept better. They know that they, their senior staff, and their employees have very solid retirement plans. They receive higher value and growth and save money. Impossible? No. 
          6. Growing and acquiring? Maximization of expenses/benefits is no singular strategy. In advance of selling, transferring, or acquiring new business assets you want to good foundation with flexible applications.
          7. Better attitude, a larger persona. Your spouse and whole rooms may “light up” when you enter. It’s not surprising that added confidence has a big appeal. But, consider this. CFOs in general know more and carry more angst about companies. They know everything that’s going on in the company. But THEY report added peace of mind in activating these tactics.
          8. Credibility attracts MORE good business— for you and your businesses. Yes. We’ll discuss that, too.

There’s a lot more that comes out of a one-to-one conversation. That is why we begin there. Usually, we are introduced by a current client. The podcast is adding to our interest in how we work. And the world is changing along with my writing and outreach.

Book Shortcuts for “The Plan” (Hints about the podcast, too)

          • Find, Expand, and Deploy Individual Strengths  (Page 85)
            (Do you know yours? Some people have 2 or 3) (Story: Page 35)
          • Decipher the power in your decision-making around scenarios (Story: Page 69)
          • Create dynamic proposals, planning, and change-making (Page 92)
          • Level the emotional and rational elements hidden inside a proposal (Notebook: Page 147)
          • What is the missing element that keeps most people from business funding? It is the same element that raises your business taxes. (Notebook: Page 245)
          • Goal setting and results in life (Notebook: Page 175)
            We will discuss these in your 45-minute call. 

As a certified business coach, I have witnessed extreme changes in leaders. As an advisor to institutional consultants and money managers, I know the pressures and the constraints. They can become personal. They should not.

The levels of public debt and the global influence on established expectations have never been more volatile or unpredictable. I want to speak with you about how to flatten your risk.  This is a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking that leads to verifiable and adaptive solutions.

Best of all—
Changes in our current thinking don’t take a lot of time… They are self-evident. Like a ready-made decision! Read the principles in the book.
You will figure out their value. But nothing beats a conversation.
Get a taste from the podcast, then let’s you and I go live by phone!
That’s all there is to getting started.

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